David Lee, MA

Mr. Lee serves as the NSHF Partnerships and Program Lead, responsible for developing programs and securing financial support for NSHF’s signature programs.

Mr. Lee has over 30 years of leadership experience in the non-profit and biopharma sectors including roles with the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation (Executive Director, National Bone Health Alliance), Amgen (Global Marketing Program Lead, Bone Health), Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (Deputy Director, The Biomarkers Consortium), Last Acts Partnership (Acting Executive Director and Director of Program Policy), and American Gastroenterological Association (Executive Vice President and Director of Programs and Operations, Foundation for Digestive Health and Nutrition).

In aggregate, he has secured over $50 million for more than 100 projects and created several large-scale consortia as well as led major efforts to ensure patients receive appropriate screening, diagnosis, and treatment. He is a frequent speaker at health care events and has been featured in publications such as Osteoporosis International, USA Today, and the British Medical Journal.

Partnerships and Program Lead