Spinal Anatomy with Dr. Todd J. Albert

Spinal Anatomy is important — yet few people know enough about it. In this interview, we spoke with Dr. Todd J. Albert, Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus at Hospital for Special Surgery. He is a Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College. He is also a member of the National Spine Health Foundation Medical and Scientific Board.

Dr. Albert has been a surgeon for 30 years and has seen the evolution of spine treatment, recovery and pain management. Here, he speaks with us about the importance advocacy for spine health and educating the public about how many people are affected by back and neck pain.

Early intervention and proper maintenance would go a long way, says Dr. Albert. Unfortunately, too many people don’t pay attention to these things. It’s not just about spine — but full body wellness. The number one thing to quit immediately? Smoking. Knowing about spine anatomy is another helpful tool. To comprehend how and why the spine operates the way it does can help individuals make better healthcare decisions related to spine.

This is part of why we are so committed to educating the patient and potential population about the importance of spine health. Over 100 million Americans suffer from back or neck pain — and it is a leading cause of lost work days every single year. Starting with prevention methods, which we discuss in this interview, young, can truly help people to avoid a future of pain. We are committed to ensuring more people overcome their pain, get back to their lives and help inform others so they can avoid future pain as well.

You can learn more about spinal anatomy in this recent piece over at the National Spine Health Foundation.