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Novel Artificial Intelligence Algorithm: An Accurate and Independent Measure of Spinopelvic Parameters

The analysis of sagittal alignment by measuring spinopelvic parameters has been widely adopted among spine surgeons globally, and sagittal imbalance is a well-documented cause of poor quality of life. These measurements are time-consuming but necessary to make, which creates a growing need for an automated analysis tool that measures spinopelvic parameters with speed, precision, and reproducibility without relying on user input. This study introduces and evaluates an algorithm based on artificial intelligence (AI) that fully automatically measures spinopelvic parameters. This application allows users to accurately obtain critical spinopelvic measurements automatically, which can be applied to clinical practice. This solution can assist physicians by saving time in routine work and by avoiding error-prone manual measurements.

Source: Orosz LD, Bhatt FR, Jazini E, Dreischarf M, Grover P, Grigorian JN, Roy R, Schuler TC,Good CR, Haines CM.Novel artificial intelligence algorithm: an accurate and independent measure of spinopelvic parameters. Journal of Neurosurgery.July 2022. https://doi.org/10.3171/2022.5.SPINE22109