Workout-at-Home: 7 Spine Friendly Options For You

Are you social distancing and wondering what you can do now that many gyms are closed? Do you normally rely on they physical structure of the gym to get your body moving and now feel stuck? Thankfully, there are an endless number of online programs available to use — including those that elevate proper spine health. While we are not endorsing these sites, there are many resources available online that are offering free or discounted trials, including:

  1. Peloton Online. You don’t need a Peloton bike for this app. In fact, the only necessary equipment to use it is your body. The folks at Peloton have opened their app for a FREE 90 days for newbies (usually it’s 30 days), which includes hundreds of guided workouts for yoga, treadmill, bike, bootcamps, strength training, outdoor running, stretching, and even meditation. They offer all levels of training — and plenty of modifications — for amounts of time from 5 to 60 minutes. You can’t lose!
  2. Beachbody Online. Beachbody is offering a 14-day free trial and their library of classes is intense. With everything from PiYo (a mix of yoga and pilates) to prenatal classes to Country Heat dance workouts, Beachbody has a class for everyone with a wide variety of teachers and levels of strength. They also offer guided programs for a specific amount of time (like the 21-Day Fix or 80-Day Obsession) making it easy to make a commitment and stick to it. The variety gives you a chance to try new things and find what you like best! Many programs are specifically designed with beginners in mind.

    3. Open Fit. This program offers a free trial and has unique, interactive online classes you can stream anywhere. This app offers classes you may not find elsewhere, like Xtend Barre — previously unavailable online. Personal trainers who get to know your personal fitness and goals lead the classes and help you reach them. Options like barre are not available on many other apps, but that kind of class can be beneficial for folks looking for less-intense, back-friendly workouts. Open Fit also offers personalized meal plans and health goal planning and guidance.

    4. P.volve Fitness. These are innovative, at-home workouts that revolve around the (used like a resistance band.) They are easier and slower on the body, for those recovering or dealing with any pain. P.volve claims to be the “opposite of a grueling, high-impact, painful workout.” This program prides itself on using safe, functional movements that helps keep you healthy and building natural muscle tone.

    5. Glo. These online yoga classes are consistently rated some of the best — and they do offer a free trial. They have 16 styles of classes and teachers from around the world, with levels for everyone — and over 4,000 classes to choose from. They also offer “courses” that include a slate of classes for particular practices, which can be helpful for goal setting and sticking to a class commitment.

    6. Grokker. FREE during the Coronovirus restrictions, Grokker’s platform has a wide variety of classes to choose from. Yoga, pilates, meditation, and toning are some of the top classes, but they also have cardio, HIIT, and direction for healthy eating if you want to go in a more aggressive direction. They even have different versions of the classes depending on your needs. There is no reason NOT to sample this currently free online program!

    7. Gaia. Get one week free with this program, which is really unique in that it has more content than just yoga videos, over 8,000 of them! It includes access to documentaries, articles, recipes and more. Far beyond just a workout program, Gaia has guided pathways for spiritual growth, transformation, and other personal goals to help keep our mental health in check, too.

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