Top Spine Doctors Join To Improve Neck and Back Pain

For immediate release: November 5, 2020

Contact: Ericka Andersen | | 703-909-5515

Reston, Virginia: The nation’s top spine surgeons have joined the prestigious Medical and Scientific Board of the National Spine Health Foundation.  They will offer insights at the 2020 We’ve Got Your Back Virtual Gala on Friday, November 6 at 7pm EST at  The Gala, which usually occurs in person near Washington, D.C., has pivoted to a virtual format this year.  “As many gatherings throughout the nation have had to do, we’ve pivoted to a virtual format because we did not let the Covid-19 pandemic stop us from celebrating our doctors who put the best of science into practice to get people back to their lives” said CEO, Dr. Rita Roy.  “We are thrilled to present the best and brightest spine experts at our Gala, as well as special guests including SpinalChampions ® who have been able to return to their lives and function at high levels of competitive activity.”

Nearly 100 million Americans suffer from debilitating neck or back pain each year.  Yet research and advocacy for these people lags behind many other areas of medicine.  “There has not been a patient advocacy nonprofit for spine health patients to learn trusted, truthful information until now,” said Dr. Tom Schuler, Chairman of the Medical and Scientific Board and CEO of Virginia Spine Institute. He continued, “We are elevating the importance of prioritizing spine health research and advocacy as we highlight the devastating effects of back and neck pain on American citizens, one-third of whom are affected annually.”

“It is vital for citizens and government entities to appreciate the gravity of the problem and create funding for research and advocacy opportunities,” said Board Member, Dr. Shay Bess, Denver International Spine Center.

Additional Board members cite the National Spine Health Foundation (NSHF) as a leader in spine health awareness: 

“They educate Americans about treatment and prevention and support patients on their journey to good spinal health, striving to reduce the uncertainty and anxiety experienced by all those who suffer from neck and back disorders”  said Dr. Rick Guyer from Texas Back Institute. 

The spine pain epidemic is widespread, affecting nearly 1 in 3 Americans annually, resulting in a rise in clinical depression, and costs the United States $250 billion annually.  

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