Spine-Talks®: Cities 2020 is Coming Your Way

Update: We’ve launched! Watch the full program here.

We’re excited to share the Spine-Talks®: Cities 2020 tour with you! Our advertisement for this incredible event was featured in a USA TODAY ad insert recently (featured above!).


There’s a reason we felt it was so important to get this event in front of as many eyeballs as possible. We’re bringing together some of the best spine surgeons and physicians in the country to discuss the most exciting advancements in spine health today!

From San Diego to New York and more cities between, Spine-Talks®: Cities 2020 will be a virtual tour of exciting minimally invasive advancements , brought to you by the nation’s leading experts in spinal health care.

In just three weeks, this tour will go LIVE, and we want to make sure you are informed. Those who sign up early will be first to receive notification of our launch and get access to the tour a week before others. Sign up here to be added to our list!

You’ll get incredible access to some of the best spine experts in the country, including:

✅ Dr. Jim Schwender, Twin Cities Spine Center
✅ Dr. Todd J. Albert, Hospital for Special Surgery
✅ Dr. Tom Mroz, Cleveland Clinic
✅ Dr. Jeffrey L. Gum, Norton Leatherman Spine Center
✅ Dr. Thomas Schuler, Virginia Spine Institute
✅ Dr. Martin Pham, UC San Diego Health
✅ Dr. Richard Guyer, Texas Back Institute
✅ Dr. Christopher Good, Virginia Spine Institute

When it comes to back and neck pain, these individuals are on the cutting edge of new solutions that work for a wide variety of conditions. We are so privileged to offer you access to their work and expertise through the Spine-Talks®: Cities 2020 Tour!

Watch the preview video below:

We look forward to seeing you there! Be sure to check out past editions of our Spine Health Journal if you are seeking more information about your spine health.