Our New Spine Health Patient Community is Here

In an online launch party, the National Spine Health Foundation revealed their new Spinal Champion patient community program. The Spinal Champion program features spine patients who have overcome or are successfully managing their conditions. 

This launch included the announcement of the Spinal Champion Advocates program. A select group of superior Spinal Champions will now partner with the Foundation to offer support and share their patient experience while being available for individuals seeking patient-to-patient guidance. Members of the NSHF community can access these Advocates via e-mail at any time when they have specific questions. Access the advocates here!

“We are thrilled to be building a thriving network and community that offers patients a seamless stream of communication when they need it,” said NSHF CEO, Dr. Rita Roy. 

In celebration of the new program, the Foundation featured interviews on their Facebook page with staff members, Spinal Champions, NSHF Ambassadors, Advocates and a special announcement from NSHF Medical and Scientific Board President Dr. Thomas Schuler. 

Given that nearly 100 million people suffer from spine health issues in the United States, it’s vital that patients are made aware of community-rich resources like this. When people join the community, they also receive an invitation to NSHF’s nearly 1,000-member private Facebook support group. 

“This program will allow you….to understand that there is hope for you to overcome your problems,” said Dr. Schuler. “We are proud to represent Spinal Champions across the country and help you get back to your life.” 

The National Spine Health Foundation is the nation’s only spine health patient advocacy group. The Spinal Champion community and advocates program brings patients together to ignite the healing process from the inside out.

Check out our launch party video and view more interviews from the party on our Facebook page:

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