Living and Persevering with Scoliosis: Alayne’s Story

Scoliosis recovery is not an easy journey. In fact, it may follow one throughout life, as it has professional dancer Alayne Wadsworth. In this conversation with Alayne, we spoke with her about growing up with Scoliosis.

Alayne shares her story of wearing a brace for 5 years of her life and dancing through it all. Though doctors told her she would not dance, she persevered and has been able to compete and train in top competitions, television shows and more. Her story and resilience are truly inspiring.

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Though life has been difficult, Alayne has persevered with love and light. She is a National Spine Health Foundation Ambassador and does an incredible job serving other women with Scoliosis with her message. You will be touched and motivated by her powerful words and the story she tells about her Scoliosis recovery journey. You can watch our first interview with Alayne here.

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