Roger ‘Rocky’ McIntosh on ‘Get Back To It’ Podcast

Roger ‘Rocky’ McIntosh, former NFL linebacker, is our guest for the second episode of the “Get Back To It” podcast. McIntosh has played for the Detroit Lions, the Washington Redskins and Los Angeles Rams.

His years as a player took a toll on his body, experiencing low back pain, neck pain, and numbness in his arms, hands, and fingers after multiple neck injuries, which resulted in a herniated disc.

“Being a linebacker was very challenging…we stood right in the middle of everything and lead the charge at times. It was a very physically demanding position, playing in the NFL,” said Rocky.

In this episode, we talk about the variety of treatments he went through and how he recovered from both the physical and psychological tolls his injuries took on him. He speaks with us about how he took what he learned recovering from the NFL into his new job as a software developer.

“There’s a stigma out there that if you seek treatment it’s the worst case scenario, when there’s a lot of different options out there that are available, from rehab to maybe getting an injection and those kinds of things can probably help alleviate your pain,” he said. “It’s all about progression, not regression.”

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