Robotic Surgery: What Is It?

Robotic surgery sounds futuristic, but the technique is being used today. It is also sometimes referred to as many minimally-invasive surgery and is being used by spine surgeons throughout the country. Accordingly, our recent Spine-Talks® Cities tour features top surgeons from across the country discussing the importance of robotic surgery and how it may be used in the future.

What exactly is robotic surgery? What are the safety mechanisms? Does that mean the surgeon isn’t actually doing anything? Get the real story from top spine surgeons in this video from our Spine-Talks® Cities series!

Dr. Richard Guyer of the Texas Back Institute says this:

“The trend for minimally invasive surgery is going to continue, for robotics and navigation…all of these things are coming down the line and it’s very exciting.”

Hear from Dr. Guyer and Dr. Martin Pham of UC San Diego Health in this short, informative portion of our full Spine-Talks® series. See more of the program here.