Pregnancy Loss, Back Pain and the Hope of Physical Therapy

Pregnancy loss is a devastating experience no matter when it occurs, but third trimester loss is especially devastating.

When Spinal Champion®  Jane experienced a heartbreaking third loss at 32 weeks pregnant, it resulted in devastating effects on her physical and mental health — including awful back pain.

Knowing she wanted to be pregnant again, Jane sought non-surgical treatment through physical therapy for her back pain, and was ultimately able to get the help she needed to heal.

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In this episode of the podcast, Jane discusses finding the help and hope she needed in a compassionate physical therapist who was able to tend to all of her needs.

The Physical and Mental Toll of Pregnancy Loss

Any kind of back pain can be exacerbated by a tragedy like pregnancy loss and Jane experienced the physical and mental toll of that loss in a deep way.

She offers these words of encouragement in the episode:

“If you’re battling anxiety and depression, you aren’t alone by any means. It’s important to have the necessary mental health treatment to combat these issues. I can’t tell you how critical it was for me to seek mental health treatment after losing my first baby.

...As for the physical symptoms, it was important to find the right kind of medical professional to address my neck and back issues. I knew massages and chiropractic treatments weren’t enough for me…sometimes you have to be willing to try different things in order to know for sure what works for you. I knew I had to invest my time and be diligent about my treatment.”

Never Give Up: Find the Right Back Pain Treatment

By not giving up, she was able to seek out the physical therapy treatment that worked for her body. Unwilling to let back pain control her or prevent her from moving forward and trying to get pregnant again, Jane was ultimately successful.

After receiving the care she needed, she was able to become pregnant again and recently gave birth to a healthy baby. Her story is one of heartbreak and hope, offering a glimpse of possibility for those who may be experiencing the worst situations life can bring. We’re thankful to Jane for the courage to share her story.

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