Posture Improvements: Help Your Spine Stay Health

Did you ever have a parent who gently (or more firmly) reminded you to sit up straight? For adults in growing up years, it had more to do with worries about back issues. But as we age, slouching. posture can be really harmful to more than just your back.

 If you slouch a lot, you might find that its affecting your blood pressure; that’s because it puts strain on the vessels in your neck. It can also give you pains and aches in your head as you push your chin forward in order to slump. And you’re reducing your lung capacity as well, impacting the muscles in your chest.

Of course, much of the reason that adults have slouching posture is that they are sitting for too long in front of a computer, at a desk, without getting up. What are some remedies? This graphic offers some ideas to get out of slouching posture.