Ask the Expert: Physical Therapist and Former Gymnast Laura Kummerle

Physical therapy and mobility exercises at home can be a godsend in a pinch. Sometimes, it’s a small pain you may not think needs a doctor’s look. Or perhaps, you are just trying to maintain a healthy spine and keep things in check on the regular.

That’s where Laura Kummerle, a physical therapist who runs the Instagram account @ParadigmofPerfection, comes in. With over 204,000 followers, Laura keeps her fans well-stocked with workout, mobility and stretching tips and tricks every day. She also keeps them entertained with cool videos of her physical feats, like incredible handstand walks, aerials and tricks on the bar. In this interview Laura revealed that she has a ninja gym at her house and has even competed on an episode of American Ninja Warrior!

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Here, she speaks with us about her past as a gymnast and what inspired her to pursue physical therapy as a profession. Though she was always online-based, her business began to soar even more during the pandemic when people were looking for more at-home ideas. Laura speaks about her new “Anti-Sitting” program and other trainings she offers, as well as how mobility exercises help the spine.

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