Neck Pain Relief: Put Down Your Phone

Aside from the risks of digital addiction, our cell phones are causing major neck strain — and a new study shows that injuries to those areas of the body have risen over the last several years. The injuries often come from distracting walking or driving.

It wasn’t always this way, but the study found injuries rose significantly in 2007, when the iPhone was first introduced. Aside from the hazards of injury from distraction, cell phones have caused significant neck strain due to the way people lean forward in incorrect postures to read, text, and scroll.

This graphic is a helpful illustration:

Dr. Tom DiAngelis, former president of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Private Practice Section, told CNN that all that extra pressure puts strain on the spine and can pull it out of alignment. DiAngelis said it “was like bending your finger back all the way and holding it there for an hour.”

The long-term affects of both distraction and improper posture are already having devastating affects on our spines. If you want to save your neck, put the phone down while walking or driving. Then, begin paying attention to the alignment of your spine as you use your phone responsibly.