National Spine Health Foundation Issues Distance Learning S.O.S. to Save Our Spines

For immediate release: September 8, 2020
Contact: Ericka Andersen| | 703-766-5405

RESTON, VA: It’s back to school across the nation, but not in classrooms this year. The National Spine Health Foundation has issued a ‘save our spines’ S.O.S. through a new Spine Health Guide with easy to remember tips for neck and back wellness aimed for students learning from home.

The Distance Learning SOS describes “Stretch, Optimize, Stand.” These three words are simple ways to make a big impact on spinal wellness: 

1-Stretch throughout the day,

2-Optimize your workspace,

3-Stand and move at least once per hour.

Because of Covid-19, students of all ages will be sitting in front of screens for longer periods of time, putting spine

health at risk if proper posture, exercises, and practices aren’t enacted. It is imperative that all students heed this warning.

“It is a critical time to adopt healthy habits that will protect the back and neck from developing new pain, or from worsening existing spine conditions” said Dr. Thomas Schuler, President of the Board of Directors.

“Our mission is to educate everyone about the importance of spine health. Caring for your spine as you cope with the challenges of distance learning helps with mental focus, enhancing your ability to learn, while easing anxiety as we get through this pandemic school season together,” said Dr. Rita Roy, CEO. 

By cultivating healthy habits, including maintaining proper sitting form, staying hydrated, incorporating simple exercises, stretches, and screen breaks, students who are distance learning from home can prevent injury, maintain pain-free lifestyles, and avoid developing new, bad habits that can last a lifetime.  While this information is targeted to students, it applies to anyone working from home. Access more  materials here.

When the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, the body and mind will not know how many days were spent distance learning, but it will know how it was treated during the disruption of normal life. Our Distance Learning SOS is part of a series of educational resources, including weekly tips and tricks, offering people information on how to tend to their spines and bodies as they navigate the pandemic crisis. Staying well now will help you return to routines and activity after the pandemic. NSHF is the nation’s only patient-centered nonprofit dedicated to spinal education, research and advocacy. Learn more at