Melissa d’Arabian Shares Nutrition and Wellness Advice

Melissa d’Arabian is an author, speaker and most notably, a celebrity chef. She’s written several books and is a longtime favorite on the Food Network with her show, “$10 Dollar Dinners.”

We were delighted to speak with Melissa this week about eating mindfully, respectfully, and rediscovering the true joy of food. The truth is, you can’t treat your body the way it needs and deserves without employing some of these principles.

>>>> Obesity, Nutrition and the Spine

Nutrition is such an essential part of whole body health — and that 100% includes the spine! Melissa’s cookbooks and work offer you easy, budget-friendly ways to make sure you are getting the nutrients you need (and that they taste good!) She knows how important simplicity is in ensuring families are able to get what they need.

>>>> Nutrition For Healing Post-Surgery

There are so many ways that healthy eating can be beneficial to your spine, including the following:

✔️ Prevention
✔️ Post-surgery recovery
✔️ Strong bones (which helps a strong spine!)
✔️ Reduces inflammation

Those are just a few reasons to stock up on your grains and greens, but there are many more. As Melissa shares in our interview, food is much more than simply nutrition. It can be a full experience that enhances our lives in a variety of ways.

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In addition to today’s interview, Melissa d’Arabian will also be making a special appearance at our “We’ve Got Your Back” virtual gala next Friday, November 6th (register for FREE here!)