Running Coach and Mom of 4 Lindsey Hein Raising a Healthy Family

Raising a healthy family is a challenge and Moms are often moonlighting in multiple jobs. That’s certainly the case for the host of the successful “I’ll Have Another” podcast Lindsey Hein, who is a mom to four boys ages eight and under.

In addition to being a 19-time marathon runner, running coach, owning a new podcast network, and hosting three different podcasts, Lindsey has been playing the role of teacher to her two older boys who have been virtual learning since the school year began.

Distance Learning Challenges

Living in inner city Indianapolis, Lindsey’s boys haven’t gone back to school in-person. In this interview, we spoke with Lindsey about how she’s setting her boys up for success while distance learning. Here at the National Spine Health Foundation (NSHF), we’ve focused heavily on giving parents tips for helping their kids learn in a way that keeps their bodies and minds healthy.

Check out our FREE Distance Learning 101 guide here. Lindsey’s main tips include making sure her kids get plenty of fresh air breaks, limiting screen time outside of school hours, and eating lots of healthy snacks. She fills us in on how she sneaks spinach into delicious smoothies and ensures the kids have freedom to explore the outdoors even during school hours.

Mental Health and Moms

It’s always important for parents to prioritize mental health and self-care, but in 2020, the COVID pandemic has made the regular rhythms of life a challenge. As a runner, Lindsey talks with us about how running and movement are part of her daily mental health care.

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Even when she was injured and couldn’t run, she took on a new kind of movement by lifting weights, doing pilates, and simply walking. Many folks recovering from spine health issues are dealing with slow recovery and it can be difficult to wait to get back to past athletic activities. In this interview we talk about how patience is the key to long term success.

How Athletes Inspire Families

Family fitness is all about habits and one thing Lindsey has on hand is inspiration from some of the impressive athletes she hosts on her podcasts. She’s spoken with Olympians like Des Linden and Shalane Flanagan, as well as ultrarunning legends like Scott Jurek and race warriors like Amelia Boone. Because of her proximity to some of these incredible athletes, Lindsey is often inspired by their stories and shares that energy with her family.

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