Spinal Champion Carrie H.: C5-C6 Disc Replacement


At the National Spine Health Foundation, we love to celebrate Spinal Champions who have overcome or are managing their pain in a way the allows them to live their life fully.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Carrie H., a clinical psychologist who had a C5-C6 disc replacement. After she awoke with pain in November of 2021, she went to physical therapy and received an evaluation. She had a C5-C6 disc replacement in March of 2022 and is doing well today.

This kind of surgery has become more advanced and includes less complications than it did in the past. Doctors on our Medical & Scientific Board have spoken about the latest in disc replacements here:

Since Carrie’s surgery, she has slowly begun to get back to her favorite hobbies of dog walking, gardening, golf, walking and exploring. These are the things we hope every person who visits the Spine Health Foundation sees in their future as well!

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