Back Surgery Options: Which Procedure is Right For You?

Back surgery options are something many people have to make a decision about at some point in their life. With 100 million people affected by spine health issues across the nation, many are looking for guidance. It can be a scary choice to make, especially given some of the horror stories friends and family may share.

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It doesn’t need to be so intimidating, however. As technology and innovation continue to evolve, minimally invasive surgery has become a safe and effective option for a great number of individuals. Listen in to our Spine-Talks® Cities 2020 segment as some of the nation’s top spine surgeons offer their advice on choosing the right procedure for you:

Back surgery options are improving every minute in this industry. Don’t wait to get the information you need. This is just one segment in a larger collection of Spine-Talks® Cities 2020 videos, the rest of which you can view here.