3 Quick Stretches for Desk Workers

Whether you are working from home or in the office, it’s important to implement movement and stretching throughout the day to take care of your body and your spine. Desk stretches are the best way to do that! It’s easy to ignore your body’s needs when life get’s busy, but we’re here to show you easy and healthy habits that can be implemented with just a little intentional planning.

We don’t all have time for a 60-minute yoga class, but everyone has a minute or two to spend on simple desk stretches that will enhance the body and mind.

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In addition to having an ergonomic work environment, with a proper chair and desk setting, make sure you are prioritizing desk stretches. National Spine Health Ambassador Dr. Tom Walters, founder of Rehab Science, offered three simple tips for workers in this new video:

Three Exercises for Desk Workers

  1. Forearm Stretch. Extend your arm with palm facing upward. With the opposite hand, pull the fingers on the extended hand back so you feel the stretch up the forearm. Hold and repeat on the other side.
  2. Neck Stretch. Bend one arm behind the back. Place the opposite hand on the top, far side of the head and gently pull so the neck and top of the shoulder on the first side stretches. Hold and repeat on the other side.
  3. Lower Back Stretch. Stand up and place both hands on the lower back. Stand upright and slowly, slightly extend backwards. Come back to neutral and repeat several times.

You can see our full interview with Dr. Walters here! He offers more desk stretches and other helpful information there!

These are just three of many potential stretches or exercises you can do throughout the day. There are many apps that have 5 or 10-minute yoga videos you can do from anywhere. Want more videos like this? Subscribe to our YouTube channel!