Omar Sohail

I graduated from Bowdoin College in 2015 with a degree in Religion and minor in Chemistry. After working as a research associate analyzing neuropsychology data in autistic children, I started volunteering in hospice care and grew more passionate about providing direct patient care. I subsequently completed my pre-medical requirements in 2018 before moving to Washington DC to work as a scribe for an orthopedic spine surgeon. My time as a scribe has shown me how using thoughtful and accessible language to communicate spinal conditions to patients is itself a form of care. Spine Health shares a similar philosophy: To give hope and improve spinal health care through education, research, and patient advocacy. I was drawn to Spine Health because of this shared goal  as well as my interest in contributing to cutting-edge research that would improve the outcomes of patients whom I met in clinic.

Bowdoin College | Fall 2019