Bruce Darden, MD

Dr. Bruce V. Darden II, a retired spine surgeon and partner at OrthoCarolina, has dedicated his career to the field of spine surgery. As Fellowship Director at the OrthoCarolina Spine Center, he significantly influenced the training of new surgeons. An Emeritus member, Dr. Darden continues to utilize AAOS’s online resources to support his educational roles.

Dr. Darden advises new medical professionals to prioritize balance between their practice and personal life. Now retired, he serves as President of the Lumbar Spine Research Society, adapting to a new routine and filling his time meaningfully.

In his leisure, Dr. Darden enjoys biking, wine, pickleball, tennis, and golf. A lesser-known fact about him is his past ambition to be a NASA astronaut and his extensive knowledge of 60’s and 70’s R&B music.

Emeritus Partner & Former Fellowship Director, OrthoCarolina Spine Center (Charlotte, NC)