Frontiers in Treating Low Back Conditions

New and Emerging Therapeutic Options for the Lumbar Spine


Bruce V. Darden, II, MD, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

OrthoCarolina, Charlotte, North Carolina
President of The Lumbar Spine Research Association

Zorica Buser, PhD, MBA, Director of Research

Director of Research and Regenerative Medicine, Gerling Institute, New York, New York
Co-Chair of the Education Committee, The Lumbar Spine Research Association


Thomas C. Schuler, MD, FACS, Spine Surgeon

Virginia Spine Institute, Reston, VA
Chairman, Medical & Scientific Board, National Spine Health Foundation

Rita T. Roy, MD, CEO

National Spine Health Foundation, Reston, VA


Get ready to explore the new frontiers of lumbar spine care through this informative panel discussion featuring esteemed experts, Dr. Bruce Darden and Dr. Zorica Buser! This enlightening conversation, filmed at the Lumbar Spine Research Society’s Annual Meeting, aims to uncover the vital role of research in advancing the field. Join them as they delve into innovative treatment approaches, showcasing how research leads to improved patient outcomes and a deeper understanding of lumbar spine conditions. Discover the power of evidence-based practice as they highlight how research findings shape clinical guidelines and treatment protocols. Gain insights into the challenges and opportunities of research, including ethical considerations and the translation of scientific discoveries into clinical practice. Embark on this insightful journey and acquire a comprehensive understanding of the invaluable role research plays in advancing lumbar spine care and enhancing patient outcomes. Don’t miss this essential panel discussion!


00:00 Introduction
02:03 Using one word: descriptions of advances in lumbar spine care
04:42 The role of research in advancing lumbar spine care
07:25 For most patients, non-surgical treatment is recommended
10:36 Spine issues are not always age related
12:09 There are a variety of treatment options
12:49 Motion sparing treatment options
14:20 Fusion versus joint replacements
17:12 New methods for disc regeneration
19:25 Where is the current science involving disc regeneration?
21:10 Implications of therapeutics that are not covered by insurance
23:23 Importance of smoking cessation
24:05 What are the potential downsides of trying stem cell or regenerative treatment?
26:56 What exciting advances have been presented at the Lumbar Spine Research Society Meeting?
31:38 How is research integrated in clinical practice?