Spine Health Guides

Spine Health Guides help you establish healthy habits as you improve your spinal health.

With the help from our Medical & Scientific Board, comprised of the nation’s leading experts in spinal health care, the National Spine Health Foundation has created these essential materials to help guide you in establishing healthy habits as you improve your spinal health. We hope these simple, yet impactful tips help reduce and eliminate your neck or back pain and provide hope that through proper treatment and preventive measures, you can return to the people and activities you love.

These guides are specifically designed for providers and patients alike; health care providers can share them with patients by sharing the link, providing printed copies in their clinic, or by scanning into a patient’s electronic health record (EHR). If you’re a patient or someone looking for information on spine health, you can save on your phone or computer, as well as print out a copy and keep as a helpful reminder!

We hope these guides will provide you with the knowledge and hope as you continue your journey to spine health.