Preparing for Surgery

Follow these steps when preparing for surgery to feel as relaxed and confident as possible to ensure a successful procedure and speedy recovery.

If you’re planning to have surgery, it’s important to take extra care of your health, learn about the procedure, and get to know your medical and care team. Afterall, the key to success is preparation!

Preparation and a positive attitude will make your post-surgery recovery more successful. Feeling well-prepared for surgery will help foster a sense of control and confidence. Be as strong and well-rested as possible prior to your surgery; you will be more capable to tolerate pain, change position, walk more easily, and progress with your rehabilitation.

Most importantly, make sure you:

  • Eat healthy. Eating balanced meals for several weeks prior to surgery, as well as post-surgery, will provide your body with the nutrients necessary for healing.
  • Stay fit, or lose any weight necessary. Not only will your surgery be easier on you and your doctor, but you could even minimize the need for surgery by reducing the load on your back!
  • Stop smoking. You’ll improve your blood oxygenation during surgery and decrease the chances of getting pneumonia.

Consider using these tips when preparing for surgery:

  • Consult the pre-operative information provided by your doctor
  • Keep frequently used items like toiletries, clothes, and your phone nearby
  • Have slip-on shoes ready
  • Place paper cups and plates on the counter for post-surgery ease
  • Prepare a few meals in advance
  • Ask a relative or friend to check in on you