There are three types of exercise: strengthening, stretching, and aerobics (cardio).

Exercise is critical to maintaining a healthy back. People who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from back pain and can recover more quickly if injury occurs.

The most successful exercise regimens are those that work with your personality, lifestyle, and goals. Do back strengthening and stretching exercises two to three times per week. If you are already exercising, adding these exercises can minimize injury, speed recovery, and improve your performance. Try something new if your cardio workout needs a kick of motivation:

  • Try Pilates, yoga, or a cross-training program like Crossfit
  • Swimming and walking can be very effective while being less stressful on your joints

Always use good form! Talk with a trainer to be sure.

Can’t exercise because you are disabled/in pain/overweight? Don’t give up – these can actually be the best reasons to exercise. Ask your doctor for ways to get started and work around your obstacles, or contact a Center of Excellence near you. Your doctor may recommend a visit with reputable physical therapist who can provide stretches and exercise regimens specific to your needs.