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Whether you or someone you know has questions about or is suffering from neck or back pain, the National Spine Health Foundation is here for you. From basic information about spine health to in-depth information on preventative measures, diagnosis, and treatment options, we’ve got your back and have the answers you need. Use the search bar to search for social media posts, news that’s published, or our scientific journal.

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8 Ways to Love Your Spine

Valentines Day is all about loving those in your life, but let’s not forget about loving your body! It’s... Read More

5 Easy Stretches For Back & Neck Pain Prevention

Child’s Pose Stretch: Connect your knees to the floor, spread wide, and sit back on your feet. Reach forward... Read More

The Spine Health Journal: Winter Edition 2019-2020

The 2019 Winter edition of the Spine Health Journal is available! The new version of our Journal features articles from practitioners,... Read More

Launching Soon: ‘Get Back To It’ Podcast

We are excited to announce the launch of our new podcast “Get Back To It”, featuring real stories of... Read More

6 Tips for Spine Health Prevention & Wellness

Finding solutions for your back and neck pain is an important part of what we do here at the... Read More

Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Optimal Spinal Health

Eating anti-inflammatory foods is one way to help keep your spine in tip top shape. Whether seeking preventative measures... Read More

Spine Surgery: 3 New Innovations

Ask the Expert: Kornelis Poelstra, MD, PhD The Spine Institute on the Emerald Coast In your opinion, what are... Read More

Laminectomy: What You Should Know

So you need a laminectomy? It’s a big word – can sound intimidating, Let’s break it down so you... Read More

Disc Herniation Q&A With Dr. Colin Haines

Why do we get disc herniations? Can we prevent them? How can we protect our spines? How long do... Read More