The Top 3 New Features on Our Website

Our team has been working hard behind the scenes over the past year to reimagine a new website that not only looks great, but is user-friendly and packed with new features. We are eager to share with you our easy-to-navigate site and special features we have integrated to help you access our information quickly, in the format you want, from anywhere in the world. So, without further adieu, here are the top 3 new features of our website.

1. Explore Your Symptoms Section

We know that most people find the National Spine Health Foundation because they are looking for answers to their back and neck pain problems. This is why we have made it easy to explore symptoms that you are experiencing. Located on the homepage, you will find a link to “Explore My Symptoms” just under the main image (see picture below).

After you click on “Explore My Symptoms” it will bring you to this search bar where you can enter your symptoms or you can select from a list of possible topics (see picture below). We hope that you will use this new feature to find information on your spinal condition.

2. Spinal Help Center

To further help you access our content more easily, we have combined all of our resources in one section. Spine-Talks and podcasts are now easier to access from our homepage.When you are on the Spinal Help Center page, you can quickly access articles, videos, podcasts and more using the sub-menu bar for that page (see picture below).

The Spinal Help Center houses all of our content in one spot. Here you will find our spinal champion stories, articles, videos and podcasts. Whether you prefer audio, video or just plain text, you can find all of the content you need in the format you like (see picture below).

3. Join Us Section

We know that when people are experiencing back or neck pain, they often feel lost and alone in their search for answers. That’s why we created the “Join Us” section–it is our way to invite you to our community of Spinal Champions. Here you will find personal and honest accounts from other Spinal Champions. You will also have the ability to reach out to our special community of volunteers called Spinal Champion Advocates who answer questions related to their own spinal health journey.

In Conclusion

While these are the top 3 features that we chose to highlight in this introduction to our new website, they are not the only benefits you will find. This new site should download faster and be optimized for all screen sizes, allowing you to access great spine health information from wherever you are in the world. Behind the scenes, managing and uploading new content will be easier, letting us share information with you more frequently. In the end, our website is all about empowering patients with knowledge and hope. We believe these features will make your experience on our website even better.