Spine Health Foundation: December Recap of Our Favorite Things

Each month at the Spine Health Foundation, we strive to bring you the very best content and information we can to help you in your journey to optimal spine health. Whether you are struggling with chronic pain or recovering from an injury, the Spine Health Foundation has resources and knowledge for you.

In December, we covered some of the major subjects we highlighted in 2020 as a whole and we don’t want you to miss out on anything. Check it out:

Sedentarism and Its Affects on the Spine
If you have to sit for prolonged periods of time, maintaining proper posture is paramount. Ideally, the back must be kept straight and the head in line with the upper body. Upper arms should parallel the torso and the buttocks should be pressed against the backrest, with your hamstrings acting as a counter. 

Winter Wellness for the Season: 7 Tips for the Season
There are several actions you can take to protect the spine during winter, which is when many people experience back and neck injuries due to slips on the ice or other, weather-related accidents. Check out some of the tips we have to avoid becoming a statistic this season!

Scoliosis Surgery Didn’t Stop Her From Dancing
Alayne’s Scoliosis surgery was a hard journey, but ultimately successful. Since her surgery, she has toured the country teaching at corporate events and incorporating all styles of Ballroom dancing and Country line dancing. She taught at the world-renowned Center Stage Dance Studio for 10 years and her team was featured on America’s Got Talent and World of Dance.

Back and Numbness: A Spinal Champion Overcomes
Mariel shares her story of overcoming years of back pain and numbness in today’s story. How did she find freedom? Her story is one of thousands of successes we have seen here at the Spine Health Foundation.

Nutrition for Degenerative Disc Disease
Many people underestimate the importance of nutrition for combatting Degenerative Disc Disease. Spine health is closely related to one’s nutritional choices. It’s important to make choices that will lead to the best outcomes.

Fitness Journalist Emily Abbate and the Secret to Staying Positive
As a fitness journalist, she regularly covers strength workouts, recovery ideas, nutrition tips, gear reviews and so much more. She even penned this piece for GQ: “How to prevent lower back pain from ruining your life.”

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