Scoliosis Warriors: 11 Accounts to Follow for Scoliosis Awareness Month

This Scoliosis Awareness Month, we want to highlight individuals who are making a difference online. If you search social media, you’ll find hundreds of accounts dedicated to living a successful life with scoliosis. It was hard to choose and we could never spotlight everyone, but we hope this list will give you a good start if you are seeking inspiration, knowledge, and ideas.

From Curvy Girls Scoliosis, which has chapters all over the world, to Paige Fraser, a successful ballerina who has danced in the Lion King and started her own Foundation — this list is full of people who represent and honor Scoliosis Awareness Month.

A special recognition also goes to Sydnee Lubar, our 2018 Young Spinal Champion of the Year, a young woman who is doing incredible work as an artist and advocate.

1. Curvy Girls Scoliosis

2. Izzy: Scoliosis Warrior

3. Scoliosis Research Society

4. Paige Fraser

5. National Scoliosis Center

6. Joyce A. Sierra

7. Alayne Wadsworth

8. Abby Kraai

9. Louise: Life with Scoliosis

10. Yogaberry Yoga for Scoliosis with Christine

11: TAY: Scoliosis Life

These accounts are just a start and we encourage you to search the #ScoliosisWarrior hashtag for inspiring individuals. You are not alone!

If you are new to learning about scoliosis or facing a new diagnosis, we encourage you to check some of the resources here and here, from Dr. Christopher Good, a scoliosis expert, President of the Virginia Spine Institute and board member for the National Spine Health Foundation.