Scoliosis Warrior Alayne Wadsworth on Dancing Against the Odds

Scoliosis Warrior and dancer Alayne Wadsworth speaks with us about her journey through Scoliosis and continuing to pursue her dreams despite the odds.

Alayne was diagnosed with Scoliosis in middle school, wore a brace for 5 years, and eventually underwent spinal fusion surgery as an adult. It was a grueling process, but she never gave up her love for or dream of dancing and modeling.

In her lifetime, Alayne has been on “Dancing with the Stars” and coached teams that made it on the very popular “World of Dance” and “America’s Got Talent” television shows.

She is a positive force, empowering others dealing with tough circumstances to rise up and find hope in the midst of trials. We were incredibly honored to speak with her!

Catch her dance from our 2020 “We’ve Got Your Back” gala: