Scoliosis Surgery Didn’t Stop Her From Dancing

Scoliosis surgery, which is also known as a spinal fusion, may cause you to think professional dancing would be out of the question. That is because during spinal fusion, the goal is to realign and fuse together the curved vertebrae so that they heal into a single, solid bone, which can be limiting in degrees of movement. Despite dealing with the condition and undergoing Scoliosis surgery, Alayne Wadsworth was still able to thrive in her dancing career.

What is Scoliosis Surgery?
Scoliosis surgery is called a spinal fusion. According to Dr. Colin Haines at the Virginia Spine Institute, a spinal fusion “means getting one bone to grow into the other…[which]involves removing part of the disc, or the shock absorber, and replacing it with an implant that promotes bone growth.

The devices that spine surgeons place in the body simply speed up the bony healing. Once the bone has completely grown into the other, then a complete fusion has occurred.”

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Scoliosis Surgery Success

Alayne’s Scoliosis surgery was a hard journey, but was ultimately successful. Since her surgery, she has toured the country teaching corporate events, incorporating all styles of Ballroom dancing and Country line dancing. She taught at the world-renowned Center Stage Dance Studio for 10 years and her team was featured on America’s Got Talent and World of Dance.

After undergoing surgery as a young adult, Alayne now says it is a life long recovery. Today, she is ambassador for us here at the National Spine Health Foundation (NSHF) and participated in the entertainment portion of our 2020 “We’ve Got Your Back” virtual gala. Don’t miss her beautiful story, as told here:

We were thrilled to have Alayne as part of the Gala and are so privileged that she has partnered with us as a Spine Health Ambassador. Like so many other Spinal Champions®, she is inspiring and helps build hope for others who are suffering. After our first interview with Alayne, she wrote this in an Instagram post:

“Little did I know what seed was planted 8 years ago when I was required to have spinal surgery. My life was forever changed.

‘Don’t lose hope, believe in yourself and never limit yourself.’ It is ultimately up to us to create the future we desire. What an incredible journey it has been. I am proud of the person I am today and hope to continue to help others along the way.

Thank you for your constant support throughout the years. To all my Scoliosis tribe out there thank you for being courageous and warriors in life. For it is honor to live and to live is the greatest adventure we can ever take.”

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Scoliosis Surgery Isn’t a Life Sentence

Scoliosis surgery doesn’t have to stop you from living out your dreams. There are so many innovations in the world of Scoliosis these days, as research and technology improve.

The research we do here at the Foundation contributes to providing this access and hope to so many. Several members of our Medical and Scientific Board are some of the top surgeons in the nation working on this issue.

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