News: NSHF CEO Talks to Healthline About Returning to the Gym

In March 2022, NSHF CEO, Dr. Rita Roy spoke with healthline about how to safely ease back into workouts in a way that is spine-safe. This conversation comes at an important times as people return to public gyms and COVID-19 regulations are loosened.

Dr. Roy points out that spine health yields total body health.

“When you take care of your spine, you’re taking care of your whole body. What we see as we’re coming out of the pandemic is that many Americans are going to be looking for quick fixes as they return to the gym, but we’re raising awareness that a multi-prong approach to wellness gets the best results for people,” said Roy.

Dr. Roy also speaks to awareness of the spine’s anatomy.

“A lot of times, people don’t understand that the neck and back are part of a continuous chain, and the goal of spine health is to keep that spine in alignment; there are natural curves to the spine and we want to support those natural curves,” said Roy.

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