Abby Weber


I am a retired kindergarten teacher, mom, and a Spinal Champion! With years of bending, twisting, and keeping up with five-year-olds under my belt, I experienced a long journey to spinal health. My spinal problems began with a car accident that led to lower back pain which would persist for over a decade. My journey included being diagnosed with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, misalignment of my spine, and a ruptured disc. Over time, I was treated with multiple surgeries, physical therapy, and pain injections. I also experienced a significant weight loss journey. The right treatments over time pointed me to my pain-free life today where I enjoy some of my favorite hobbies including gardening and hiking, but I personally understand the frustration and uncertainty that comes with needing many different treatments. I wish I had known about NSHF when I started my patient journey. I have shared NSHF’s amazing website with anyone I know dealing with spine issues!

Listen to Abby’s full story on the ‘Get Back To It’ Podcast HERE.