Patient Advocacy

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Working to educate Americans about the treatments and cures for neck and back pain, the National Spine Health Foundation is committed to proving what works, driving innovation, and improving lives through knowledge and hope. We support policies and initiatives that offer much needed support to patients as they embark on their journey to spinal health.

The Foundation’s Spine-Talks® series is a unique patient education and advocacy initiative that brings together the nation’s leading providers with voices in the spine health industry in order to educate patients. The topics cover how to prevent injuries, how to achieve improved spinal health, and strengthens provider-patient relationships, thereby reducing the uncertainty and anxiety experienced by those suffering. The Foundation’s Your Patient Journey Program supplements the Spine-Talks® programs with professionally curated information including awareness, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. We advocate for policy efforts that provide access to this critical spine health information for all patients. In addition, we advocate for funding research that leads to new treatment protocols, clinical studies that evaluate methods to get patients better faster, and minimally disruptive approaches to pain relief for individuals with spinal issues and injuries.

We know that the journey to spinal health is not one that can be made alone. 

We invite, patients, providers, policy makers, industry, and the health care community to access the educational resources of the National Spine Health Foundation website and share it with others who may benefit from its content.

A Word On COVID-19 From Our CEO, Dr. Rita Roy

Whether you're teleworking, staying home with your kids, or working the front lines, we appreciate you and we've got your back.
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