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How You Can Get Involved

Our mission is to empower patients with knowledge and hope. Providing resources for those that suffer from neck or back pain is important to us because we envision an America where fewer people are afflicted with pain and can get back to their lives that they love! Our We’ve Got Your Back (WGYB) events, Spine-Talks™ speaker series, and volunteer opportunities allow you to engage with our foundation and become a champion of spinal health in a way that is meaningful to you.

      • The We’ve Got Your Back Race for Spinal Health & Wellness Fair celebrates the journey to health and represents a culture of vitality, perseverance, and strength.
        • Join the nation’s largest 5K event to celebrate healthy spines and benefit those suffering with neck or back pain. The We’ve Got Your Back Race consists of a timed 5K race, a 1 mile family-friendly fun run/walk, and Wellness Fair. All are welcome to join! Save the Date for May 17, 2020


      • Spinal Champions: A person who has achieved an improved quality of life through treatment for neck or back pain.
        • The moment you step foot into one of our Center of Excellence, their team will work collaboratively to support you in achieving the goal of becoming a Spinal Champion. Celebrate your journey to becoming a Champion by sharing your story or join the We’ve Got Your Back campaign and celebrate with others by participating in one of our events!


          • The Spine-Talks™ speaker series provides an innovative distance learning program for providers and patients. Top thought leaders within the spine health industry come together to present their insights, reviews, and innovations, available from live audiences, live webcast, and on-demand video. Watch the most recent video now!


        • Center of Excellence: The National Spine Health Foundation has identified a core group of spine experts across the country that share one core mission: improving spinal health care. The foundation collaborates with specialists around the country to validate traditional approaches to spine care and to develop new techniques and technologies. The results are shared with physicians and the general public to improve both the quality of care and the understanding of spinal disorders. Find a Center of Excellence near you!


        • STAR Youth Ambassadors: From “tech-neck”, backpack strain, and sports injuries, today’s youth are at risk more than ever to experience back and neck issues. This program builds awareness of spinal health among America’s young people. The hope is that young people can spread the news about the about factors that compromise spinal health, promote STEM activities, and develop basic fundraising skills. Learn more about this program.
  • The We’ve Got Your Back Gala raises critical funds to empower patients with knowledge and hope, advances innovations in spinal health care, and supports the work of the National Spine Health Foundation. This special event honors some of the most influential individuals within spinal health during the Spinal Champion Award Ceremony and will conclude with a Dessert Reception, where patients, physicians, industry leaders, and members of the community have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas, producing an overwhelmingly positive and innovative energy. Give hope to others through a donation, corporate sponsorship, or ticket purchase
  • Corporate Partnership: Our Corporate Partnership Program is a philanthropic engagement between leading nationwide organizations committed to improving spinal health care through research, education, patient advocacy, and community. Your investment improves the effectiveness of spinal health treatments, drives innovation through clinical research, and empowers those that suffer with neck or back pain with knowledge and hope. Learn how you can join our Corporate Partnership Program!


        • We are dedicated to reducing the number of people suffering with neck and/or back pain and commit ourselves to return patients to their lives. Through our goals of driving innovation and proving that treatments work, we aim to provide hope and increase access to care for those suffering from neck and/or back pain. Donate to medical research here.

Spine-Talks™ is the premier educational platform designed to empower patients with knowledge and hope. Join our community and hear from local and national experts discussing current spinal health topics you need to know!