Kaitlyn C., 2018

From 0 to 60 (MPH)! “I’m now doing what I love and I’m pain free” I...

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Dennis, 2015

“I Got My Life Back” “At six months out, I was back to weight training, running,...

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Vini, 2016

“Given the extent of information available, I was able to become appreciably informed about my condition...

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Tomasz S. (March 2015)

“Excellent site! Very useful, especially for patients.”      

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Jim, 2014

‘For a 64 year old “kid,” I’m doing much better than I would have believed possible...

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Brian Nault, Recipient of the 2018 Gala Beatty Champion of Hope Award

“I didn’t know that spinal care is the #1 that effects the most people in this...

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Eric Major, Recipient of the 2018 Gala Innovator of the Year Award

“It’s only possible because of a foundation like this that’s looking independently from the companies and...

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Robin S, 2016

“Being able to return to life is the best feeling in the world!”

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Aaron, 2018

No Sense in Suffering “My main goal was to do more things with my sons. I’m...

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A Word On COVID-19 From Our CEO, Dr. Rita Roy

Whether you're teleworking, staying home with your kids, or working the front lines, we appreciate you and we've got your back.
Dr. Roy's Message