Thomas Schuler, MD, FACS

Dr. Schuler founded Virginia Spine Institute in 1992 to advance the development of contemporary neurological and orthopaedic spinal surgery. Today his knowledge, leadership, and innovative techniques have revolutionized spinal healthcare and restored the lifestyles of tens of thousands nationwide. Over the past 25 years he has grown this award-winning medical practice into the largest multidisciplinary spinal practice in the region. As the Founder and CEO of Virginia Spine Institute, Dr. Schuler continues to pioneer the latest breakthrough in treatment to overcome back or neck pain. He has expanded his practice to include regenerative therapy, stem cell therapy, robotic spine surgery, ultrasonic spine surgery, and enhanced motion-preserving surgical techniques that benefit patients across the globe.

In addition to performing the first hybrid multi-level cervical artificial disc replacement with spinal fusion in the country, he has first-hand experience of this procedure from the patient perspective. After suffering from severe neck pain, disc herniations, and nerve compression, Dr. Schuler underwent a hybrid procedure to treat four levels of his spine and is fully recovered and back to his life, pain free. His experience as a patient, having undergone both neck and low back surgery, affords him the unique ability to better understand his patients’ emotional and physical needs and the recovery process. –Virginia Spine Institute | Reston, VA