Sabrina M. Woodlief

As the Community Engagement Senior Manager, Ms. Woodlief is responsible for serving as project lead for community engagement initiatives and supporting the Foundation’s mission of “improving spinal health care through education, research, and patient advocacy”, as well as the Foundation’s strategic plan for building a continuum of community, including spine health providers, patients, and industry. Collaborating with the research team, she supports the development of educational programming, including the Spine-Talks® platform, Spine Health website, and the Foundation’s social media presence. Prior to moving to Virginia, she worked at a mental and behavioral health consulting firm and was responsible for conducting market research and the editing, formatting, and production of client deliverables. Ms. Woodlief continues to develop her leadership, communication, and presentation skills as a member of Toastmasters and has been selected as the 2019-2020 District 29, Division E Director.

A Word On COVID-19 From Our CEO, Dr. Rita Roy

Whether you're teleworking, staying home with your kids, or working the front lines, we appreciate you and we've got your back.
Dr. Roy's Message