Michael H. Howland

Mr. Howland is a retired career diplomat and businessman. He commenced a public service career with an eight-year stint in the US Military, including a tour in Vietnam. He followed his public service career by founding and operating a groundbreaking technology firm. He recently retired and is now an author, presently writing a major book on the Iranian Revolution. Mr. Howland holds a graduate degree from Georgetown University in International Law & Politics. He was also on the staff of Georgetown University for two years prior to joining the US Foreign Service, where he served throughout the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and the former Soviet Union. In 1979, Mr. Howland was one of 52 American diplomats taken hostage by Iranian terrorists and held prisoner for nearly two years.

Mr. Howland lives in Middleburg, VA where he is active in the community with a focus on helping children. He is past President of the Board of Directors of Creative Youth and A Place to Be Foundations. Both organizations help disadvantaged and challenged children find a voice through the performing arts. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Cherry Blossom Foundation, a breast cancer organization, as well as the current Vice President of the Board of Trustees of The Hill School, Middleburg, VA. He resides in Middleburg with his wife Kathy and their two English Setters. Mr. Howland is an avid fly fisherman and chases trout, with moderate success, anyplace he can find them.