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Bobbi is Back in the Saddle

Back Story: I am no stranger to orthopedic surgery – I have had nine knee surgeries. As a high-level... Read More

Raf’s Road To Inspiration

Back Story: When I was 40, I began experiencing pain in my right hip while training for a triathlon.... Read More

Jim’s Will to Succeed

Back Story:  My head was spinning and my vision was flickering as I lay on the ground hoping to... Read More

Joseph is “Back in the Game”

Back Story In early September of 2012, while training with my ice dancing partner for a national competition, I... Read More

Tony’s Triathlons

Back Story I am a volunteer fireman who has been active my entire life, doing triathlons, swimming, skiing, etc.... Read More

Susan Living Pain Free

Back Story: Ten years ago, I was skiing off trail on a very steep terrain when I hit ice,... Read More

Greg’s Recovery On Target

Back Story I led an active outdoorsman’s life at the age of 60 – snow skiing, hunting, fishing, hiking, and... Read More

Cynthia’s Journey

Back Story As a police officer in “The Big Easy”, I proudly served my community for over 12 years.... Read More

Joseph’s Bright Future

Back Story In my high school freshman year, back pain became increasingly debilitating for me. As I was growing... Read More