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Predictive Test for Scoliosis Progression in Adolescents

Introduction ScoliScore is a predictive test based on genetic testing. It is used to determine curve in the spine... Read More

Improving Spinal Fusion Outcomes through Implant Placement

During interbody spinal fusion surgeries, placing the interbody cages wider apart has a great impact on mitigating the loss... Read More

Artificial Discs as an Alternative to Spinal Fusion

Patients receiving an artificial disc replacement in comparison to patients who underwent a cervical discectomy and fusion surgery had... Read More

Increasing Safety of Revision Surgery by Decreasing Scar Tissue

The use of Amniofix in spinal fusion surgeries may reduce scar tissue formation and adhesion and lead to safer,... Read More

Bone Putty

Bone Putty The aim of this trial is to evaluate P-15 bone putty in comparison to local autologous bone... Read More

Stem Cells: Trinity Bone Matrix

Stem Cells: Trinity Bone Matrix Purpose Evaluate the Trinity Evolution bone matrix used in cervical fusion surgeries to measure... Read More

Bone Proteins in the Neck

Bone Proteins in the Neck Introduction The Spinal Research Foundation investigated the use of BMP to promote bone fusion... Read More

Bone Proteins in the Neck (Cervical Spine)

Bone Proteins in the Neck (Cervical Spine) When used in small doses, BMP used in cervical fusions led to... Read More

Bone Proteins in the Lower Back

Bone Proteins in the Lower Back Introduction Proteins called bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP) are used to promote fusion of... Read More

A Word On COVID-19 From Our CEO, Dr. Rita Roy

Whether you're teleworking, staying home with your kids, or working the front lines, we appreciate you and we've got your back.
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