Spinal Fusion Surgery: Abby’s Story of Success

Spinal fusion surgery isn’t something to take lightly. It’s important to educate yourself and hear from others who have gone through it.

For the Spinal Champion Abby, all other non-operative options had been exhausted by the time she and her doctor decided to move forward with a spinal fusion surgery.

Here, Abby speaks with us after completing the We’ve Got Your Back Race for Spinal Health. She was able to walk the race pain-free less than one year after her fusion — and just one week after another surgery to take out rods and screws in her back.

“Five months ago, I was six months out of a spinal fusion and didn’t think it’d be possible [to walk a 5k.],” she says. “Just be optimistic of the outcome…here I am — and I almost feel completely, totally fine.”

Her doctor, Dr. Colin Haines of the Virginia Spine Institute, is featured in the video as well.

“Through a spinal fusion, [Abby] was able to have all her pain relieved…and even after a surgery just a week, she’s able to walk here pain-free,” says Dr. Haines. “Ultimately, hope is the key word.”

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