Center of Excellence

Center of Excellence Program

The Center of Excellence program recognizes clinicians and providers whose practice contributes to excellence in spinal health care. The National Spine Health Foundation Center of Excellence Award is conferred to an organization that advances the vision of the National Spine Health Foundation: improve the lives of those with neck and back pain. All Center of Excellence award recipients provide exceptional spinal health care and are engaged in spinal research and patient advocacy. All Center of Excellence recipients are active participants in Spine-Talks® to educate and advocate for patients. Awarding the Center of Excellence designation is done through a nomination process. To receive more information or to submit a nomination, please contact us at

Center of Excellence Criteria:

1.) A medical practice or organization with a demonstrated passion for improving spinal health care through research, education, and patient advocacy.

2.) A medical practice or organization that is known for their excellence in spinal health care

3.) A medical practice or organization that promotes the Foundation’s purpose of improving lives through knowledge and hope. They actively contribute to Spine-Talks® and engage with the Foundation’s activity.


What is the National Spine Health Foundation: We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating Americans about the treatment and prevention of neck and back disorders.  We prove what works, drive innovation, and support patients on their journey to spinal health. Our mission is to improve the lives of those with neck and back pain.

What is Spine-Talks®The premier educational platform designed to inform and inspire patients with the latest diagnostics, therapeutics, and quality of life improvements. Join our community and hear from local and national experts discussing current spinal health topics you need to know!

What is Spine-Online®: A nationwide, multi-centered technology project to prove the effectiveness of spinal treatment options. Through SpineOnline®, we have compiled the definitive collection of provider and patient reported treatment outcomes. This unique approach will allow us to uniformly collect information about spine treatments and their applications and prove which treatments are the most effective and result in the best possible patient outcomes.

What is We’ve Got Your Back Race for Spinal HealthJoin the nation’s largest celebration of healthy spines and give hope to those suffering with neck and back pain. The event consists of a timed 5K race and a 1 mile fun run/walk. All are welcome to join!

What is the We’ve Got Your Back GalaOur largest networking event of the year, the Gala celebrates the power of hope, gives a nod to the innovative future, and recognizes Spinal Champions®, a person who has achieved an improved quality of life through neck or back treatment. We also present several awards: Spinal Champion® Hero, Young Spinal Champion® of the Year, Innovator of the Year, and finally the Beatty Champion of Hope Philanthropy Award. Finally, a Center of Excellence Award is sometimes named and presented.

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