Osteoporosis Education with Dr. Avery Jackson

On this episode of our “Get Back To It” podcast, our CEO Dr. Rita Roy interviews Dr. Avery Jackson of Michigan Neurological Institute, P.C. and his patient about their journey. Dr. Jackson says:

“There’s a fairly large knowledge gap that we are experiencing across the country in making the diagnosis of Osteoporosis…so part of that has to do with the educational piece and your program is obviously a huge component in shrinking that gap. By educating the patients, their families and the clinicians and physicians, you are bringing this concept of Osteoporosis to the forefront.”

Osteoporosis and spine health are intimately connected. This is why we focused on this condition for National Osteoporosis Month (in May) and prioritized this podcast conversation with a leading expert.

Grab a peek at the episode here:

We also want to remind our readers of a few simple preventative tips from The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF):

  • Get enough calcium and vitamin D, eat a well balanced diet.⁣
  • Engage in regular exercise.⁣
  • Eat foods that are good for bone health, such as fruits and leafy greens.
  • Avoid smoking and limit alcohol to 2-3 drinks per day.⁣

Listen in to this informative and inspiring conversation! Here’s a peek at the conversation, but grab the full episode on iTunes or anywhere you get your podcasts.