Dr. Martin Pham: The Life of a Surgeon

Dr. Martin Pham, a neurosurgeon and Assistant Professor of Surgery at UC San Diego Health, is more active on social media than your average surgeon. He hails from a younger generation than most surgeons and shares notes from his journey through medical school, residency, and life as a doctor regularly in his Instagram posts.

Dr. Pham is a member of the National Spine Health Foundation’s Medical Y Scientific Board and we were able to speak with him directly on Instagram Live. He shared with us his passion behind surgery, lessons learned along way, and even a sneak peek behind his thought process going into a difficult surgery.

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In this interview, Dr. Pham shares about how his training gives him unique perspective that he probably wouldn’t have obtained in a different vocation. Often facing life or death situations with patients, Dr. Pham says seeing those situations up close in his 20s and 30s made him “more philosophical about my purposes in life and living well.”

We’re thankful to Dr. Pham for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about his work, life, and some of the research he is doing in the field of robotics.

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You can find more of Dr. Pham’s thoughts and observations, both sobering and enlightening, by following him on Instagram. Here’s a recent example: