National Spine Health Foundation Turns 20

Celebrating 20 Years of NSHF with the “Who’s Got Your Back?” Campaign

20th anniversary

2022 marks 20 years of NSHF.  To celebrate this milestone, we are launching the “Who’s Got Your Back?” Campaign–highlighting stories of Spinal Champions who have achieved better qualities of life through spinal health care.

“We could not be more excited to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Foundation and renew our commitment to supporting the millions of Americans who struggle with back or neck pain each year,” said our CEO, Dr. Rita Roy.

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    d Dr. Schuler’s interview with Orthopedics This Week, here

Founded in 2002 by Dr. Thomas Schuler, who currently serves as Chairman of our Medical & Scientific Board, and philanthropist, Guy Beatty, our organization’s mission is to improve spinal health care through patient education, research, and patient advocacy.

“I helped found the National Spine Health Foundation with the intention of transforming the lives of patients across the country,” said Dr. Schuler. “Twenty years later, I’m proud to say that the Foundation has, and will continue to, achieve this goal.”

Medical & Scientific Board at 2021 Gala

Members of the Medical & Scientific Board (left to right): Dr. Jeffrey Gum, Dr. Todd Albert, Dr. Thomas Schuler (Chairman), Dr. Ehsan Jazini, Dr. Christopher Good (Vice Chairman), Dr. Rita Roy (NSHF CEO), Dr. Avery Buchholz at the 4th Annual We’ve Got Your Back Gala in 2021

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With 20 years behind us to celebrate, we plan to also use this year as an opportunity to envision the next 20 years of spine health. With nearly 100 million Americans suffering from neck and back pain every year, there is much work to be done. Thank you to all of the supporters who have gifted their time and resources to get us where we are today.

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